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Tax, Audit and Business Review Services

  Objective analysis, solid and practical advice is at the heart of our tax, auditing and business review services. We place considerable emphasis on becoming familiar with your systems and personnel and provide you with a critical assessment and evaluation of your internal system and controls.

Corporate Finance & Business Advisory Services

Growth, investment, performance, risk, return and value are the key concepts behind our corporate finance and business advisory services whatever the size, nature and performance of your business or the current state of the economy, you need to constantly subject your business and investment plans to critical analysis to determine whether you are getting the right return on your investment in view of the risks that you embrace.

Accounting and Business Outsourcing Services (BPO)

As critical is proper financial management and accounting is to the success of any business it should not be just at any cost and certainly not at the expense of other critical functions. Many small, medium sized and even large organizations spend unecessary sums of money on accounting and finance personnel, systems and functions, shifting much needed investment from their core activities.